Breeder Web Pages

You Love Your Breed

You love your breed of dog. And you hope your kennel contributes to the well-being and future of the Breed. Why not show the world? People are probably looking for you.

Websites are a pain

Ugh. Believe me, I know. I could train you but that will be a pain — for both of us. Just give me the info…. I’ll load it up! Easy Peasy!

You own the site

You still own the site. Have the keys. And can still update pages if you want. The site resides on my server but you own and can move it to a new server if you want.

Updates are FUN!

Won your class? Best of Winners? BOB! Well, these are updates that are fun to put up on your web page. If only you could remember how to do it. Oh wait! I remember!

updates are No Fun

Ok, now updating software is NO FUN. But it just has to be done. Sigh. This web stuff is constantly changing. And if you don’t update, stuff breaks or worse, hackers find a way in.


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